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C# params keywork in datalayer

I have been having to access a lot of stored procedures recently and decided it was time to optimize my datalayer class.  I wanted to be able to call just about any stored procedure, that returns a data set, regardless of how many parameters the stored procedure requires.

I wrote the following method using the params keyword.  This worked so well that I think I will use this format for update, insert (ExecuteNonQuery methods) and ExecuteScalar methods.

public bool GetLookUpData(string storedProc, string spParms, ref SqlDataReader rdr, params string[] strParms)
string[] Parms = spParms.Split(‘,’);
StringBuilder sqlErr = new StringBuilder();
if (Parms.Length != strParms.Length)
throw new System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException(“Arguments do not match”);

if (sqlConn.State == ConnectionState.Closed)
return false;

SqlCommand sqlQuery = new SqlCommand(storedProc, sqlConn);
sqlQuery.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure;
sqlQuery.CommandTimeout = ConstSettings.SQLTimeOut;

for (int i = 0; i < strParms.Length; i++)
sqlQuery.Parameters.AddWithValue(Parms[i], strParms[i]);

sqlErr.Append(sqlQuery.CommandText + ” ‘”);

for (int i = 0; i < strParms.Length – 1; i++)
sqlErr.Append(strParms[i] + “‘,'”);

sqlErr.Append(strParms[strParms.Length-1] + “‘”);

rdr = sqlQuery.ExecuteReader();

if (rdr == null)
logEntry(“Null – “ + this.sqlErr);
return false;


return true;
catch (Exception ex) // catches without assigning to a variable

logEntry(ex.Message + ” – “ + this.sqlErr);
return false;

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