Software Engineer,  been writing code for almost 30 years.  I enjoy tinkering with writing software that interfaces with hardware.  I enjoy electronics, CNC, robotics and most things technical.

I post projects on Hack A Day and Instructables as well as my blog.

If you need anything or want to ask any questions, just ask.



// ————————————————————————————–
Old C programmers never die, they just get a new function pointer.
…”It began upon the following occasion: It is allowed on all hands, that the primitive way of breaking eggs before we eat them, was upon the larger end: but his present Majesty’s grandfather, while he was a boy, going to eat an egg, and breaking it according to the ancient practice, happened to cut one of his fingers. Whereupon the Emperor his father published an edict, commanding all his subjects, upon great penalties, to break the smaller end of their eggs.”  Jonathan Swift



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