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Busy, but I will start posting soon

April 26, 2013 Leave a comment

Sorry, I have been tied up since last September taking classes at UCSD Extension so I can earn a Certificate in C/C++.  Too busy to work on any projects.

I did change jobs recently.  I am currently doing some consulting at Qualcomm here in San Diego working on developing some GUI automation on an application that tests ARM chip debug sub-systems.  I am making an all out effort to get up to speed on embedded systems.  With all of the connected devices, mobile devices,  and ARM processors invading our universe it is just a matter of time before all of the devices in our homes and cars will be communicating with one another.  To me this is an incredible opportunity  for software development.  I think these devices and software that talks to these devices is going to be a major portion of the software industry.  What better way to make a living than writing software that communicates with hardware.

But in between classes I did pick up a Shapeoko and have started to put it together.  I will be using GRBL loaded on an Arduino UNO and will be testing out some software and getting up to speed on learning about CNC machines and software.  As I start to make some progress I will post some articles.

I also have some robotic ideas that I am kicking around that I will post here when I get some more  time.

Until then I got to keep my nose in the C++ books.



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Latest Cool Stuff

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Most of my day I spend my time writing C# and SQL code.  Since I do a lot of database data manipulation I am always running into issues with column length of data, when importing data from .csv files into database tables.  I started playing around with Python for some projects I have been working on at home.

I have found Python, extremely useful and easy to use.  I have not had a chance to use an interpretive language in many years.

So I decided to write a simple Python script to check the max length of data, in a particular column,  in a .csv file.

The script takes three arguments,  The .csv file name, the  delimiter that the .csv file is using and the number of the column (zero based)

that you want to parse.

When the script runs it parsed that column for every row in the .csv file and returns the longest length of text in the file.

The script runs very fast and parses what it is suppose to do nicely.

Python is very cool and something that I will keep on learning.

Here is the code that I wrote to parse .csv files:

# Program....:
# Author.....: Joe Pitz
# Date.......: 09/13/2011
# Description: Pass .csv file, which column to parse and delimiter
# program will return longest length of column, zero based
import sys
args = sys.argv[1:]

if len(args) != 3:
    print("ParseCSV takes three arguments\n\r" )
    print("<.csv file> <delimiter> <column to parse, zero based>\n\r")
    print ("Ex: ParseCSV file.csv ; 4")

    file = args[0]
    delimiter = args[1]
    column = int(args[2])

    chrCnt = 0

    f = open(file)
    for line in f:
        llist = line.split(delimiter)

        # Check for number of columns
        numCols = len(llist)

        if column > numCols:
            print ("ERROR -> column argument is greater than number
            of columns in file <- ERROR" )

        colLen = len(llist[column])

        if colLen > chrCnt:
            chrCnt = colLen

    print("Longest column is " + str(chrCnt))
except TypeError:
    print "ERROR -> Check your parameters <- ERROR"
except StandardError:
    print "ERROR -> Error Parsing .csv File <- ERROR"
except IOError:
    print "ERROR -> Error finding or opening .csv file <- Error"

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Consulting at Sony Electronics

November 8, 2010 Leave a comment

A few months ago I started a new consulting project.  I am working at Sony Electronics in the VAIO mobile of America group.  I was brought in to setup unit testing and white box test strategies.  But I am currently doing some ASP.NET development.

We plan on re-designing a customer survey web site using ASP.NET MVC.  So I am getting up to speed on ASP.NET MVC and starting to work on design.

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Publishing Articles

April 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I have been busy learning Linq to SQL and Writing articles about my data layer ventures.

Here are some links to my articles:

Article about creating data layers for
Optimize your Data Layer for quicker Code Development

Article about Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1
Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 1

Article about Linq to SQL Performance Consideratiions Part 2
Linq to SQL Performance Considerations Part 2

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